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Seller Services Portfolio
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The standout qualitative difference between our company, Swafford Realty, and an area-bound local agent's is that we are a non-local, unbounded, professional marketing/advertising company more like a Madison Avenue Advertising Agency with branches the world over that brands and represents products to buyers the world over than a real estate company, though we are both.

Our programs and strategies both local and outreach – personalized to your house and the local market – stretch and break the boundaries of the mass solution to real estate sales practiced by conventional area-bound agents, companies and franchise giants. Once put to work, though, within any locale or neighborhood we become the dominant local agent as though always there and through our programs make our clients’ homes The Main Neighborhood Attractions by means of a structured marketing plan -- The Seller Services Portfolio -- executed with vigor.

We do not beat around the bush trying new ideas but provide leadership, a structured program and proprietary tools needed to implement and effect a Turnaround Sales Experience.

That's our specialty, turning slow-sale real estate – usually an expired listing – into fast-sale real estate for two kinds of clients, home owners and builders, often listing, selling and closing in ninety-days homes and whole projects that were long on the market and we work wherever needed.

Go to The Seller Services Portfolio for a brief peek and visual introduction and call any time for a no-obligation in-house presentation...

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